14 Aug 2011 QA 7

Guruji I don’t have a girlfriend. I don’t want one also, is something wrong with me?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Well! Why do you have so much self doubt on that, if you want you have it, if you don’t want you don’t have it, that’s it, finished!
Okay, you know sometimes people have this concept, you have to have this. I remember when we were in college they said if you don’t smoke it is not normal.
‘You are not smoking, that is not normal. You are going to college and you don’t smoke?’
‘You travel in plane then you must smoke.’ That is why every seat had that ash tray. Every seat having ash tray means everyone must be smoking. And they used to bring cigarettes inside the flight as well. Only during take-off and landing you should put-off the cigarettes. But today what has happened? There is no ash tray in any flight around the world; anywhere in the world. I am telling you about thirty, thirty five, forty years ago. It was a norm, if you are to sit in the flight means you have to plug your nose and sit, have a filter. Things change you know, so we never felt that we should smoke and I never touched a cigarette, never! So like that the norms in society change at different times and places. So you are normal whatever you feel like doing, okay! And if that is not anti-social, it doesn’t obstruct that Dharma then it is okay.