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  1. Gurudev, whenever I want to do some important work, or study, my mood comes in my way. I’m completely dependent on my mood for most of my actions. How to get rid of moods?

    First, the realization itself makes it half done. Now you have realized it’s the mood which sways you, that means the intellect is waking up. It says, ‘Come on, I’m not going to be so moody.’ You take that determination.
    The ...

  2. Gurudev, in your discourse on the Kena Upanishad, you said- “Withdraw all your senses”. Are you saying that we should be in a state of abstinence all our life? Or is it just to control our emotions through a particular day, that you are saying the same?

    Emotions have their own place in life. But they should not control you. They should be under your control. But if you get into the grip of the emotions, then there is only misery in life. ...
  3. Gurudev, is sexual energy and meditative energy the same energy?

    Yes, it is only one energy in the body, but it manifests in different forms, in different chakras. Sexual energy, love energy, intellectual energy, sharpness, awareness, anger; all these are related.

    You would have heard about the seven chakras ( ...

  4. Gurudev I need your guidance. I am a mother and a wife, and I run a small school. There are times when things go wrong entirely, and I can’t concentrate or be myself at my workplace. How do I manage that?

    It is okay if it is only sometimes. But if it is often then we need to attend to it.
    First of all, know that as an individual, you have the capacity to multi-task.
    If you think, ‘Oh, I am a mother, I cannot be good at the office. It is not possib ...
  5. From many stories I understand you are omnipresent and all knowing. This sometimes makes me feel a little fearful that you know all about the mistakes I make. What is your attitude towards the mistakes? Are you angry when you see me making these mistakes over and over again?

    Not at all.
    Do you know that devotees are more powerful than the Guru himself? Do you know this? It is so. You must have heard of my Guru stories, but I have many devotee stories. I will share one with you. In the last week of November, I was touring i ...
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