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  1. Gurudev, it is said that from every animal and bird something can be learnt. What can be learnt from humans?

    Humanity! From human beings we can learn two things:
    1. What we must do
    2. What we must not do

    We can learn about the different kinds of animals and birds, we can also learn what we must do from animal and birds, but we cannot learn ...

  2. We have to imbibe the value of sharing in children

    There are two tendencies that are within us, one is of taking and the other of giving. What is worth noting is which value system we are imbibing in our children. If they are hesitant to take or ask, then that is a sign of good values. But if they are hes ...
  3. Worship- a sign of maturity

    For a flame to go up, you need space above. In the same way, for a man to rise up in his life, he needs an ideal, he needs something to adore and worship. Worship is the culmination of love and appreciation. Worship prevents love from turning into hatred ...
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