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  1. Gurudev, I am a Chartered Accountant and I go to the premises of many businessmen. I have noticed that when we treat them as family members they start taking advantage of that privilege. How to come out of that situation?

    Yes, you need some skill here. You must create a sense of togetherness and belongingness but don’t let anyone take advantage of it. That is a skill.
    You must not get carried away with your emotions but must use your intellect too. ...

  2. Dear Gurudev, how to find a balance? I am attracted to spirituality but also the material world.

    It is okay, they are not in opposition. You should have balance in life. Work hard, earn money, save it and save some time for meditation.
    People who are ambitious, who work hard and make money, don’t forget to brush their teeth or eat their fo ...

  3. Gurudev, Is this the right place for me? There is no way back to normal life. Even my husband who loves me couldn’t accept my activities in The Art of Living. He’s afraid that I’m going mad!

    Balance things. Don’t scare anybody. You need to balance life. Make people understand.
    This (The Art of Living) is not abnormal, this is a normal life; to be happy, to be centered and to spread the message of joy and happiness. We need to improv ...
  4. Gurudev, How do I find the right balance between striving for improvement and being contented with who I am and what I am doing?

    Do you know how to ride a bicycle? Exactly like that!
    When you want to have balance, you will definitely have it. Just this thought, 'I want to balance my life', is good enough. You are already moving in that direction.

    Now when this question ari ...

  5. Simple or Complex?

    Life is utterly simple and yet most complex. You have to simultaneously attend to both facets of life. When life appears most complex, turn to the simplicity. Simplicity brings peace. When you are peaceful, attend to the complexity within you. That will m ...
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