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  1. Gurudev, Sometimes I wonder, I have so many unending desires and you keep on fulfilling them. This makes me smile. How to get rid of hankering over desires Gurudev?

    You know your desires are getting fulfilled, that is enough. Be busy in fulfilling the desires of others, not your own desires.

    See, what is the significance of the Guru Disciple Tradition? It is for the Disciple to realize that desires are endl ...

  2. Discipleship Ends-- A Shisya (DISCIPLE) or A Sakha (COMPANION)?

    Knowledge has an end. Knowledge completes. So also does discipleship. For the disciple is aimed at acquiring Knowledge. Once you cross the water, however nice the boat is, you get off the boat. After twelve years, the disciple completes his studies. The m ...
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