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  1. If me and you are the same, please explain!

    The subtler one goes, one finds the unity. But in the gross, this body is different and that body is different; this body's needs are different and that body's needs are different.
    On the physical level if you see, we are not same at all. You have lon ...
  2. Gurudev, can you please talk a little more about the sound/alphabet meditation?

    That is the meditation that we did today, where you can’t go to Ka without Aa. So, you went to the very source where the sound arose, right? What happened at that time? Stillness! The mind became totally still at that moment. Thus, we went to ...
  3. Gurudev, if every formless is Shiva and every form is Shakti, then what is breath, which is both form and formless?

    Yes, the formless is Shiva and the form is Shakti. You can define it in any manner.

    Prana (life force energy obtained from breath) is also known as Mukhyaprana.
    Hanuman is connected with prana, air (Vayu Tattva) is con ...

  4. Is the soul beyond time or not? Why do we say that 100 years on Earth (Prithvi Loka) is equal to one day in the world of our ancestors (Pitru Loka)?

    That is how it is. One year of our life is equal to one day for them (ancestors). This is what is written in the scriptures. We have all gone to Pitru Loka and have returned back but we don’t remember that time. You do not have realization of the ti ...
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