Badakhshan province
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"Life is sacred. Celebrates life. Care for others and share what you have with those less fortunate than you, expand your vision. The entire world belongs to you"

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Argentine voluntary workers have created an extensive chase of needy people. Three times a week differents groups cook and journey trough the streets of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina offering food to the needy and the homeless.

This is also a good opportunity to approach them and listen to their queries, meditate, teach them how to sing bhajans, read some Sri Sri Knowledge sutras and give them some hope for a change of their destiny.
Many later take part in the BWS programe and do start changing their destiny.

We work hoping to improve human values ​​and quality of life of people living on the street and unprotected hoping to inspire more people to work with us, sharing part of their time to whom live on the streets.

One sevas said: "Love, knowledge, meditation and solidarity of many helping hands, are our tools".

Each week is spread over 1000 plates of food, drinking water, juices or soups and warm drinks thanks to anonymous contributions and supportive companies and individual donations.

Before starting the journeys, they meditate to reach people with positive energy and to be connected with the Divine.

The covered area is very wide, the city center, western and southern suburbs covering many kilometers.

The project offers the possibility that everyone can connect with their inner self, overcoming stresses, fears and tamas through meditation and breathing techniques.

Many of these meditations take place in noisy squares and gardens next to the city hall or the Parliament. Amidst noisy traffic and busy people, they are able to plunged into the silence of the night sitting in a circle and ignoring the outside world. After meditating the sound mantras, calms minds bless the area and hearts are join in the bliss of seva and meditation.

Voluntaries of "Helpful hands", said that it is an inspiring programm It is an inspiring program, thorugh which tehy receive far more than they give. For them service is simply an expression of love when it blossoms flows out and is expressed in service.

Extend your hand first…