Finding alternatives for traditional stoves

Fuego de leña & Biogas

En la mayoría de los pueblos se utiliza sobretodo el fuego de leña para cocinar. Esto genera mucho humo, que es una de las principales causas de los problemas respiratorios en mujeres y niños de los pueblos. Para obviar esto…… leer mas

The challenge

In most villages Chulhas or firewood is mainly used in many households for cooking. This generates a lot of smoke, which is one of the main causes for breathing problems amongst the village folks.

Less wood, better health

To overcome this issue 48 families in Satara Village, India, voluntarily took part in building smokeless Chulhas under guidelines set by the Foundation. 250 people benefited from the project and would like to implement this for the rest of the 2000 people in their village and other villages throughout India.

Producing biogas

As another answer to this problem, gober gas plants were set up in some villages. This involves mixing cattle dung and water in a tank which then produces methane. The gas is carried by a pipe to the stove and works as any normal gas stove. The remaining mass is put into a slurry tank and used directly as organic manure. Along with being user-friendly, GGP is a much more eco-friendly option over firewood. With government aid, Art of Living has helped build seven such plants. 15 more are under construction.