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  1. Good people should stand against injustice

    Fri, 09/23/2011
    “This country has deteriorated not because of bad people but because of good people, because they didn’t stand up against injustice,” said Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at the Anandotsav Divya Mahasatsang, at Miramar Beach on Wednesday. He was addressing the thousa ...
  2. Sri Sri returns to the Cradle of Art of Living on its 30th birthday

    Fri, 09/16/2011
    It was in Shimoga in 1981 that the Sudarshan Kriya- the powerful, rhythmic breathing technique was revealed to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar after 10 days of silence on the banks of the Bhadra river. The Art of Living was, thus, born. As the organization turns 30 ...
  3. Breathe easy

    Thu, 09/15/2011
    Mohamad Kadry ( We speak with yoga teacher Jyothirmaya from the Art of Living Foundation as he brings an exciting new workshop to Dubai that aims to educate people on the benefits of meditation How can yoga help ease some of the str ...
  4. Flanders Today

    Wed, 08/10/2011
    The Art of Living, the worldwide spiritual movement initiated by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, recently celebrated its 30 years of existence with a big World Culture Festival in Berlin. With millions of followers in 151 countries, the foundation is huge, with soci ...
  5. The Stress-Breath Connection

    Mon, 08/29/2011
    by Michael Fischman The breath can be a powerful tool for regulating the mind and eliminating stress and impurities. Inhalation brings vital energy to the body, and exhalation relieves stress and eliminates toxins. The breath is also related to the vital l ...
  6. Agitation and ahimsa

    Mon, 08/29/2011
    By Sanjiv Kakar Today we see tens of thousands of citizens, including many youth taking to the streets for a better tomorrow. In a country with a sizeable young population, having youngsters in the forefront of a political agitation is not surprising. We ...
  7. From India with Inner Peace

    Fri, 08/26/2011
    Many escape from traumatic circumstances. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar sits on the first flight to the crisis, and recently he was in Oslo. Since he was a young boy, the Indian peace worker Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has been saying that the wor ...
  8. Giving Peace a Chance

    Sun, 07/31/2011
    ballet approaches the stage en pointe. They struggle to balance without sure footing and a girl slips, ...
  9. Jan Lokpal Bill: Anna Hazare's movement making new history: Sri Sri Ravishankar

    Sun, 08/21/2011
    "I congratulate the team, inspite of all the allegations, they held their head high and continued their resolve without bending down," he said. Ravishankar said the movement is making a "new history as it is totally non-violent." "A saint has sat on a fast ...
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