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  1. Consciência para Adolescentes Rurais

    HIV / AIDS Awareness para Adolescentes Rurais HIV / AIDS Awareness para Adolescentes rurais (HARA) foi iniciado em dezembro de 2008 com o objetivo de difundir a conscientização sobre HIV / AIDS em áreas onde as pessoas tinham medo de falar sobre a doença. ...
  2. Touching Lives Positively

    0 Touching Lives Positively Touching Lives Positively Eleanor Alfred (42) of Harare, Zimbabwe lovingly known as Mai Tafara (mother of Tafara, her home suburb) shares her life’s story: "I was diagnosed with HIV along with my husband. He passed away so ...
  3. Spreading Awareness in Kerala

    0 Spreading Awareness in Kerala Spreading Awareness in Kerala The Art of Living has undertaken a campaign to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS and to reduce stigma by putting up posters and door-to-door campaigning. This has reached over 15,000 people in Ke ...
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