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  1. Gurudev, what is the difference between Simaran (chanting) and meditation?

    Simaran is the beginning of meditation and samadhi is its end. Simaran means to remember. Just see, if you like someone and you remember that person some emotions come up, isn't it. When the emotions overflow, then the mind beco ...

  2. Dear Sri Sri, during my morning meditation, a strange vision appeared. I saw my body in a crashed car. Is it only a fear of mine coming up?

    Yes, it is only your fear coming up. Don’t worry about it. Just chant Namah Shivaya' a few times and it will be gone.

  3. Dear Gurudev, after meditating with you today all my pain has gone. How do you do that Gurudev? How do you know where I have pain?

    leave you to wonder about it.
    See, pain is not just in the body or just in the mind, it is somewhere where between the body and the mind, where they both meet.
    When a local anesthesia is given, some nerves are numbed and you don’t feel the p ...

  4. Dear Gurudev, is it alright if I meditate thinking about you, about how beautiful you appear, how wonderful are your eyes, and that your smile is so lovely? Is it alright to meditate upon your form?

    See, if you are able to meditate effortlessly by remembering someone or something, then that is alright.
    Maharishi Patanjali has mentioned in the Yoga Sutras (a treatise on the eight limbs of Yoga) that if you are able to meditate by rememberi ...

  5. Gurudev, when I meditate I am asked to keep leather items away. I am told that Lord Shiva is in Vajarasan on tiger skin, is it so?

    Somebody asked me, 'Shiva also drinks alcohol'.
    I said, 'First Shiva drank poison (halahal). Can you drink poison? Then we will talk'. Don’t think on these lines. Those days that was the only seat.
    In Gita it is written that ...

  6. Gurudev what is turiya avastha?

    A state in which you are neither sleeping, dreaming or awak. That fourth state of consciousness is turiya avastha.
    When you meditate you are not sleeping, you are not dreaming, you are also not awake. That state is called turiya avastha ...

  7. You say that if 1% of the population meditates, it benefits the rest of the 99%. Can you please explain?

    The whole universe is just vibrations. You can see this.
    Suppose in a group, one person gets agitated, see how it spreads to everybody. Everyone gets disturbed. In the same way, if one person is peaceful, that peace radiates.

  8. Gurudev, during meditation, what is the benefit of keeping our eyes open by just five to ten percent? In many statues and idols of Lord Buddha, He is often depicted with His eyes half-closed. Please tell us something about this.

    When we close our eyes, we drift into the world of our mind, our thoughts and emotions – which is called the Manorajya (literally meaning the kingdom of the mind). When our eyes are open, we are engaged in the outside world. So when you close your e ...
  9. I am from the Research field. I find it very difficult to invent new things and innovate. What advice can you give to researchers like me so that we can enhance our creative talent?

    You should meditate regularly. Meditation and Vairagya (dispassion) will really help in this.
    Every once in a while, you should just sit back and realize that this entire world is just like a dream. This entire world will come to an end one day ...
  10. Gurudev, out of 20 minutes of meditation, I can meditate only for 1 minute, the rest of the time I feel I am talking to you. Am I dreaming or are you really talking to me at that time? Sometimes I open my eyes slightly to see if there is someone.

    It’s okay, you can do the 2% meditation.
    Look, sometimes, with eyes closed, we start dreaming and get transported into the fantasy world of our mind, which is called the Manorajya. With eyes open, we are in the outside world. In between ...

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