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  1. Gurudev, if the same person keeps annoying me again and again, how do I deal with him without getting angry?

    Did you ask him if he is also annoyed by you? Go and ask him how annoyed he feels because of you.

    See, these things are always two sided. And if someone is annoying, what can you do? Some people are like that! No matter how many times you try to ...

  2. Gurudev, how to deal with a loved one being too possessive?

    Only through wisdom.
    You need to make people see life from a bigger perspective. When they see life with a wide angle lens, then their whole idea, or opinion will change. Otherwise the world seems so small, and we go around in little circles of fiftee ...
  3. Dear Gurudev, my mother and father don’t have peace. How can I help them be friendly.

    This is a very big task my dear.
    You do one thing, ask them to do The Happiness Program. Individually convince them and I tell you, don’t take it too seriously.
    Sometimes they are happy fighting. If there is noth ...

  4. Gurudev, what to choose between these two things: life in this beautiful world with a Guru like you, or liberation and ultimate union with the Divine?

    You can have both; this does not have to be a choice. You can lead a happy life in this beautiful world, and you can get liberation also.
    Main thing is, don’t be a football of other people’s opinions.
    Many times, you do t ...

  5. How to love someone who I do not understand?

    As a baby is born, it looks into its mother’s eyes, and starts loving the mother. The baby does not know anything about the mother. It does not know the name of the mother, or the school she went to, what subjects she studied, or how old she is. T ...

  6. You said something about engaging with the security guard relaand gave an example. But as the organization grows, the number of people increases so much that it becomes difficult to engage with everybody. So what is the solution of this?

    First of all, don’t think that something cannot be done. Anytime, anywhere, if you feel like meeting people you can definitely do that.
    I understand on a regular basis you may not be able to be in touch with everybody, but at least sometime, so ...

  7. Gurudev, why do we develop an attachment for someone?

    Attachment happens when we do not do seva; when we lose our commitment to service. When we do seva then attachments simply disappear.
    Keep the desire and commitment to do seva.

    If you are a mother and you have children, jus ...

  8. Gurudev, I am quite organized but my wife and daughter are totally opposite. This is one of the reasons I get annoyed at times. How do I correct them?

    That is okay, you should keep doing it so that they learn to be more organized. Otherwise there is no fun in life! Someone should lose temper, someone should cajole and pacify. Otherwise it will be so boring; eventless, juiceless, tasteless life. But do ...

  9. Gurudev, when love turns into bitterness, what to do?

    Just wait, don’t react, the bitterness will turn back into love again.
    You often see that the people for whom you have done so much, they turn bitter! And you expect everyone to be in an enlightened state, that is not possible in the world.

  10. Gurudev, why does it become increasingly difficult to handle the family? I can handle and influence everyone but the ones I love. What is lacking?

    You have to do it indirectly. You have tell someone who is close to your family and influence the family through them.
    Perhaps they know you too well!
    If you are so centered, and if you live the knowledge a hundred percent, then you will see that ...
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