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  1. How do I know if the woman in my heart really loves me 100%?

    I have no idea, nor do you have any idea. Just take a chance. Even if it is 90%, it is good enough.
    Suppose someone asks you the same question, what would you say? You cannot guarantee your own love to someone 100%. May be this moment, yes, but what ...
  2. Dear Guruji, what to do when my spouse always wants to be the boss and chases me up? I love him very much but he makes me restless.

    A gentleman was asked, ‘who is the boss of the house?’
    He said, ‘Me! But I have the permission from my wife to say so.’ So the wife had to give permission for him to say, ‘I am the boss.’
    You be the boss, but be very subtle. There is a secret ab ...
  3. Dear Guruji, how to build a real pure relationship with others.

    Best not to try to build any relationship. Just be yourself. Be natural and be simple. Relationships develop naturally.
    If you try to build a relationship that is when you become a little artificial. Then your behavior becomes artificial which is not ...
  4. How do I know if a relationship is good for me or not? Is he just pushing my buttons and I need to learn from this, or is he just not good for me?

    Well I have no experience in this, so I can’t tell you.
    Before you judge someone else first see how you relate to them. How big a heart you have, how much you can accommodate a person, and how much you can influence someone to change. This is what you ...
  5. How to love people even if you don’t like them?

    Oh, I don’t have an experience of this but I can still try to give you an answer.
    Don’t try to love them. First stop disliking them.
    Why you dislike them? Because of some qualities.
    Now imagine why they have those qualities; because of lack ...
  6. What to do if I cannot let go of a very painful relationship? I just cannot let go.

    Okay, what can you do? Hold on to it!
    How much can you hold on? Sooner or later you have to let go and the faster you do it, the better it is. And what can help you to do it faster is wisdom. Wake up and see everything is changing. Meditation will de ...
  7. Dear Guruji, how to help people or relatives that are very ill? How can we ease their pain?

    Your meditations will help. After meditating, send your vibrations to them. That will help them. ...
  8. Dear Guruji, I know that my parents love me but are not very affectionate. They do not express their affection the way I like it to be shown. How can I deal with these feelings and not be bothered by their actions?

    Don’t give it too much importance. Move on!
    In life these events happen, such occasions come. Such negativity comes, pleasantness comes; so what! None of them will stay forever, they come for a minute and they go.
    As I said, wisdom or yoga is a w ...
  9. How to stop my wife from talking in a bad way to me without any reason?

    Well, that is a challenge! If she is talking bad about you without reason, you tell her you will give her a reason! ...
  10. Q: Why do people underestimate talent considering a previous mistake?

    You have answered your own question. You have talent, but when you have made a mistake, they are apprehensive because each mistake can cost a lot to a company or to a person. So, you will have to reassure them that a mistake will not happen and you will us ...
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