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  1. Gurudev, you have said in the Satsang that the daughter-in-law should try to win the hearts of her in-laws by serving them. Does this not apply to the son-in-laws also? Why is it that while the daughter-in-law accepts and serves her in-laws as her own, the son-in-law does not do so?

    See, the son-in-law only visits his in-laws (the wife’s parents or family) during the festivals like Holi or Diwali. He does not go there every day, isn't it? But the daughter-in-law is at the home of the in-laws all the time.
    Had this been a question ...
  2. Gurudev, I have heard this couplet: 'Sadguru pura je mile, paiye rattan upaar; Mann dije Guru aapne, paiye moksh dwaar' (One who has a Sadguru receives wealth greater than the rarest gems, and one whose heart is devoted to the Sadguru finds liberation effortlessly). How can a seeker surrender himself wholeheartedly to the Sadguru? What does this couplet mean?

    This is what I just explained, isn’t it? I gave you the answer even before you asked me this question! (Laughter)

    What does a Guru want from you? Just your heart, isn’t it? So dedicate your heart to the Guru, and be free!
    Giving your heart ...

  3. Gurudev, How to be in a relationship without depending on the other, and without feeling possessive.

    Know that love is your nature. By nature you are loving, and relax. Give the person whom you love their freedom; their space.
    When you love somebody, you almost want to strangle them. You want to police them from morning till night. It may sound very ...

  4. Gurudev, How to get close to and help people we love who are closed down, and who have built barriers around themselves?

    With patience and perseverance.
    You know, people who have built barriers around them are somewhere insecure inside. They have some prejudice and insecurity. And these are the two important things in society that we need to attend to: prejudice agains ...

  5. Gurudev, I love my soul mate so much, that I fear that it does not leave much room for me to love the Divine.

    I have no experience of a soul mate.
    Why not? I don’t think there is any hindrance. If you have a soul mate, and you found some new love, you can as well see that as a gift to you.
    Your friends are a gift, your partner is a gift to you ...

  6. Gurudev, Why do people cheat? Is it because they don't love their spouse?

    No! Not everybody who loves cheats, but anyone who cheats, it is because they love their wife or husband very much.
    Do you know why? If there is a fight between truth and love, love will win, truth will fail. Cheating means what? Telling ...
  7. Gurudev, I am not able to put an end to the doubts and suspicions in my relationship, and I do not want to end my relationship because of this. What should I do?

    That’s it. Knowing this is enough. Now you know that no matter how much you have doubted your relationship, it has brought you no results at all. This much you are convinced about. So just move ahead now. Everything in life moves according to some mysterio ...
  8. Gurudev, So, you say that for a good relationship, we have to pamper the husband’s ego. As a working woman, I find that my potential gets limited because I have to do the same for my male bosses and my male colleagues.

    Oh, you don’t have to do it all the time! You should have some fun in the office as well. Sometime poke their ego and see what happens. Have fun!
    One thing is for sure, whether at home or at workplace, don’t sacrifice your smile for anyth ...

  9. Gurudev, we have learnt that there are 16 sanskaras which define and direct the flow of life. Why is there no sanskara for divorce? Was it not there in the Vedic times?

    You know, sanskaras are there so that you get something from them. A divorce is using the delete button, that is it.
    Maybe even sanyaasa could be called as a delete button, wherein you leave everything. It is not that you enter something ...
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