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  1. Why is India the favorite destination for enlightened masters? Is there some secret in the land?

    Well, it is not that only India had masters. No!

    The word California comes from a Rishi called Kapila Rishi. He was the previous incarnation of Lord Krishna. He was born in California, and lived there for a long time. The place was called Kapila ...

  2. Gurudev you have said that being alive after getting enlightenment (bodh) was the tapasya(penance or austerities) of King Janak. Is it possible to do tapasya even after enlightenment?

    I said that after getting enlightened, doing bhog (indulging or engaging the senses) is tapasya. I did not talk about living after enlightenment. Before enlightenment Yog is tapasya and after enlightenment Bhog is tap ...
  3. Many great saints, though they attained enlightenment, did not give it directly to anybody. They just preached about the steps to attain it. Why does God not give enlightenment directly to everyone? Are samskaras (impressions) necessary for this?

    Samskaras are necessary. If you are here, it means that somewhere you had the interest and curiosity to come. Without that interest, how could you come here? So, a little bit of samskaras are necessary.
    However, only samskaras are ...
  4. Gurudev, is being in the state of love higher than enlightenment?

    Higher and lower, all these dissolves even much before.
    There is nothing higher or nothing lower; this ladder disappears.
    Just imagine you are in space, in the universe. Where is up and where is down? Where is east and west? There is nothing. The ...
  5. Dear Guruji, everything has its side effects. What are the side effects of enlightenment?

    There is no side effect but it is a straight effect. It impacts straight away. ...
  6. Is enlightenment achieved through meditation only?

    Is thirst quenched through water only? Is hunger quenched through food only? Or can you dance and get rid of your hunger? What do you say? Seva is essential; seva, meditation, all that are essential. ...
  7. According to the textbooks of University of Toronto it says that a woman has to reincarnate in the body of man to attain enlightenment. The text book says that this is written in the Vedas.

    Totally wrong! Immediately write to them a letter telling them this is wrong. It is not said like that anywhere in the Vedas. Let them give me a quotation. It is simply not true.
    Yes, it is what is called the Smritis, but the Smritis are ...
  8. Is the nature of enlightened beings and non-enlightened beings the same? How do you tell when one is enlightened? What do we have to look for, if anything?

    There is no criteria. It is the most difficult thing to do. You can’t judge by your head. Something in your heart tells you.
    Once I was in Sweden and there was a bunch of journalists. They were asking many questions and I was just answering. There was ...
  9. Beloved Guruji, I heard that by end of 2012 we will have mass enlightenment and that many people will become enlightened just like in Lord Krishna’s time, is that true?

    Don’t think that enlightenment is like lightning. Something is going to strike your brain one day and then you go and become a blue star.
    See in your own life how gradually the darkness has lifted.
    See when sun shines, sun suddenly doesn’t pop up ...
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