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  1. Gurudev, my head is filled with too many thoughts. I don't know what to do. Please suggest something.

    If your head is filled with too many thoughts, lie down on the floor and keep rolling and you will see the circulation in the body improves. When circulation improves then the mind feels better. That is the reason they do shayana pradakshinam (a ...
  2. Shortcut!

    If you think you are stupid Then...... you know who you are. And if you know who you are...... You are enlightened! And if you are enlightened, are certainly not stupid. If you think you are intelligent, Then you don't know who you are. ...
  3. Dedication & Commitment

    Just like you run out of fuel in the car and you have to refill it again and again, in the same way your dedication and commitment runs out in the course of time and it needs constant renewal! You have to dedicate and rededicate again and again. Often peo ...
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