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  1. Authenticity and Skillfulness

    Authenticity and skillfulness appear to be contradictory, but in fact they are complementary. Your intentions need to be authentic and your actions need to be skillful. The more authentic the intention, the more skillful the action will be. Authentic inte ...
  2. Is war violence or non-violence?

    Violence and non-violence do not depend on the act but on the intention behind it. The basis of violence is anger, lust, hatred, jealousy, greed, frustration or aggression. A surgeon cuts open a person's belly; so does a criminal. The action is simil ...
  3. Drop Your Intentions

    A strong tendency to keep doing something, whether important or unimportant, becomes an impediment to meditation. Doing starts first with an intention and then translates into action. Though intention springs from the Being, when it becomes doing it doesn ...
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