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  1. Life Is One Bumpy Bicycle Ride

    Fri, 15/06/2012
    The Art of Living ashram recently had 1,200 youngsters interact with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Bangalore In the Ashtavakra Gita, it is mentioned that “If you hate people, in the next life you become like them”. If someone hates a non-living thing or object, ...
  2. Meditating India: from malls to prisons

    Tue, 12/06/2012
    One must have noticed the Inorbit mall terrace being jam-packed in the last couple of weekends, when an unusual sight of a large group of customers were seen enjoying a relaxing meditation. This was one of the meditation sessions organised across AP last m ...
  3. Meditate India for Developing Sports’ begins today

    Wed, 06/06/2012
    The Sports Foundation, Yashwant Vyayamshala and Art of Living have jointly organised an innovative meditation course - Meditate India for Developing Sports - for the players in all sports. This free course will begin from 6 pm today (June 6) at the ground ...
  4. Sanskrit Songs in Argentine Night Clubs

    Sat, 19/05/2012
    I had the most unusual night club experience in Argentina last weekend when I was in "Groove" one of the trendiest night clubs of Buenos Aires. The DJ was not playing Salsa, Samba or Reggaton. Instead, the club was vibrating with Sanskrit songs... "Jai jai ...
  5. Sri Sri: How to meditate and elevate your consciousness

    Sat, 26/05/2012
    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Indian spiritual guru and The Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar describes how the practice of meditation can take you into higher states of consciousness. We live most of our lives through three states of consciousness: waking ...
  6. Downward Dog at the Club

    Fri, 18/05/2012
    Yoga aficionados often describe the practice as having two possible benefits: strengthening the body and clearing the mind. Now some young enthusiasts are trying to bring their peers to yoga by promising that it can make their social lives more wholesome, ...
  7. 333 Bulgarian Bagpipers revived tradition

    Thu, 17/05/2012
    With the support of Indian spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Bulgarian musicians put their Scottish counterparts in the shade with a world record for the largest bagpipe ensemble. The 333 Bulgarian folk musicians gathered in central Sofia late on Wedn ...
  8. Delicious Food For The Soul

    Fri, 11/05/2012
    Meditation is the journey from movement to stillness, from sound to silence. The need is present in you to meditate because it is your natural tendency to look for undiminished joy and love that doesn’t distort or turn negative. Is meditation alien to us? ...
  9. City celebrates Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's birthday

    Tue, 15/05/2012
    CHENNAI: It was an elevated state where soul, mind and body were in complete sync with each other. A transition from sound to silence, from activity to rest was what was experienced by those who participated in the Art of Living group meditation here on Su ...
  10. Jail inmates take meditation lessons

    Mon, 14/05/2012
    Art of Living conducted "Meditate India", a nationwide meditation campaign on Sunday at Model Jail and Snehalaya. Chandigarh chapter of Art of Living celebrated its founder, H H Sri Sri Ravishankar's birthday by organizing many events across the city. More ...
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