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  1. Gurudev, I have a deep rooted secret that I can’t speak about. If I say it, I will lose everything and everyone. I am in a materialistic world, I cannot surrender completely, and I am afraid of failure. What should I do?

    You see the consequences, then why do you do something when you are not going to get anything out of it?

    There is something called confession. Now, you can’t go and confess to any Tom, Dick or Harry, but you can confess to a wise person who ...

  2. At what point is life created? Is it at the time of birth or egg fertilization or at some stage in-between?

    All three are possible. A soul can come at the time of conception, or in the fifth month, and in some rare cases, at the time of birth also.
    This is all called the secret of birth, and we are not supposed to speak on them. One of the five great secret ...
  3. Dear Gurudev, my mother says that God is in our hearts, and if anything is wrong, all I have to do, is look inside and pray. But what about the thousands of children who pray and still don’t survive?

    Yes, that is part of nature. There are more secrets to it.
    How a baby is born, and why it stays only for a short period of time, is a highly guarded secret. You will understand them one day.
    Many times, after the baby is born, the love between th ...
  4. In Yoga Vasistha, Lord Rama tells us that three worlds exist because of mind stuff. When the mind vanishes the worlds also vanish. What does he mean by mind stuff and how can the world exist because of the mind?

    This cannot be explained, this can only be experienced.
    Till the time it becomes your experience just take the words and don’t look for an explanation.

    If I say laddoo is sweet and if you ask, ‘How is laddoo sweet?’ I have no idea. I will say, ‘J ...

  5. Where is the world of spirit?

    It is not somewhere, it is here only. ...
  6. The Five Secrets

    There are five secrets which are sacred and are guarded by the subtle beings and angels in this creation. They are: Jananarahasya (the secret of birth): Birth is a secret. How a soul takes a body, the criteria for selecting the place of birth, time of bir ...
  7. The Wisdom Of Secrets

    A wise person makes no effort to conceal a secret. But he does not make an effort to reveal a secret either. For example, you do not talk about menstruation, death, etc. to a five-year-old, but as they grow older these things are not hidden from them any ...
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