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  1. Where does this resistance come from?

    Some sort of insecurity, some sort of uneasiness, or memory of the past. So when you notice the resistance, take a determination to move through it. See, the worst thing is when you don’t notice and recognize the resistance. Once you have noticed and recog ...
  2. Whenever I sit for Sadhana, my mind wanders here and there. What should I do to control the mind?

    Listen, consider your life itself as your Sadhana. Think of your whole life as your Sadhana.
    Where does the mind wander? It goes wherever it finds fulfillment. So observe the next time this happens, ‘Is my mind wandering to where I find fulfillment?’ ...
  3. As a teacher, how to overcome my frustration with people who do the course and do not practice. Is it okay to force them to practice or is it better to let go?

    See, there is no need to force them to practice, but gently encourage them to practice. If you force, it will be counterproductive. But it is good to encourage.
    You always need to encourage people to do something good. These days, it has not become th ...
  4. I feel this practice makes me feel even more lonely rather than expanding my sense of belongingness. Please advice.

    No! Come on, wake up!
    It can give you that sort of feeling just in the beginning, but it will pass. You just be with it, be with that loneliness. Go deep into it and you will find that it is giving you so much more strength. ...
  5. (A member of the audience spontaneously asked a question without speaking into the mike. The question was inaudible in the recording.)

    No! Sensations are already there in our body. Every pleasant thought has a sensation and an unpleasant thought also creates a sensation. So when you observe the sensations, the unpleasant ones disappear and the pleasant ones increase, that is what happens. ...
  6. Dear Guruji, please give me some tips to have a strong resolution towards doing sadhana. I am so busy in my life with two kids, work and studies.

    The tip is ‘just relax!’
    Relax with the intention that you have to do sadhana and that itself will keep you on the track. ...
  7. Gurudev, can you please share with us your experience of Sudarshan Kriya.

    That is what I am doing. What do you think I have done?
    I have shared with the world the experience called Sudarshan Kriya. That is what we have been teaching everywhere. I have translated the experience to everyone. ...
  8. Dear Guruji, what is your sadhana every day? Do you run into the same issues as us like too many thoughts, anxiety, or do you live your natural state all the time?

    There is a code of conduct for a teacher not to share their experience.
    Do you know why? Because the student will start to think, ‘how come I am not having this? I want to have it.’
    This wanting to have, this questioning oneself will go on. The ...
  9. What to do when people do the course and then do not come for the follow-up?

    They come back sometime or the other.
    See when you have eaten a full meal you don’t think about food again because you feel so satisfied. But when you get hungry again then you come and look for food.
    The basic course itself is so complete and so ...
  10. Why do we chant ‘Om’ three times?

    Om is made of 3 syllables ‘Aa’, ‘Uu’, ‘M’. That is why we chant 3 times.
    You can say that it is for the lower body, middle body and upper body, like we do three stage pranayama.
    If we do it 4 times, even then you will ask me why 4 times? If you w ...
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