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  1. Dear Gurudev, how do I attract abundance in my life?

    When you don’t crave for abundance, it comes to you. If you’re hankering for it, saying, ‘Oh, I want abundance’, then it remains far away. Just relax! Know that what you need, you will get.

    There is a saying in Sanskrit on how to make abundance com ...

  2. How can we turn thoughts of lack into thoughts of abundance?

    The very thought that you want to do it, means you have already started moving in that direction.
    Look at what your requirements are and you will see that they will always be met. Whatever you need always comes to you. But do not take it to an extreme ...
  3. Dear Guruji, when you mentioned that rich people get richer and poor people become poorer when they think that they lack. Is there some way that nature compensates for these imbalances?

    Yes, through knowledge. That is why we need to encourage everyone to be self confident and come out of this ‘lack’ consciousness. Those who have should start serving. Those who don’t have, they should start knowing that they will get what they need ...
  4. Gurudev, you had advised us to increase worthiness through seva, sadhana and satsang. That is what I did. Now I feel that I have greater worthiness, but have achieved very little. This saddens me. Where did the mistake happen?

    No! You keep increasing your worthiness, and automatically your worth will grow. The Giver is giving so much, one only needs to receive.
    The Giver is giving away with a thousand hands, but you have only two hands. How much can you take with two hands? ...
  5. Indebtedness or Abundance

    Question: God is all abundant, all full and we are connected to God. Then why are we in debt, except for some? Why do they have, and we don't have? Guruji: Is it only money? You have abundance, yet at the same time, you are indebted. So how can both ...
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