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  1. Would you speak about the importance of silence. How do we practice it?

    (Maintains a few moments of silence) That’s it! Take a moment, observe your breath, calm your mind, and relax your body. You find such peace and so much love within you.

    We are all born with this gift of love and peace. Somehow we fo ...

  2. Gurudev, how can silence be a celebration? Silence sometimes makes all faces so serious. How can it be a celebration?

    That is the paradox. You think celebration is only in noise, and silence is only mourning. When people are celebrating, they make too much noise, and when people are silent, they simply mourn. Somebody died, or someone is in a horrible situation, then they ...
  3. What comes after everything is silenced? And how is it different from being dead?

    Vast difference! Silence is the mother of all creativity! Silence is the mother of beauty and love. Intuition, invention, poetry, everything comes out of silence.
    Even Sudarshan Kriya came out of silence.
    I know most of you have experienced Sudarsh ...
  4. Guruji can I be in silence whenever I want? I feel it will benefit me a lot.

    Yes! Ask others and see; ask your family members!
    But do not keep silence that will cause inconvenience or suffering to others. Speak less and speak only as much as is needed.
    You must speak ‘Meeta Bhaashi’ (friendly speech), ‘Geeta Bhaashi’ (mel ...
  5. Why do you allow singing during silence?

    Singing in some strange way brings certain calmness to the mind. There are courses where we don’t sing and we go into deeper silence. That is in an advanced stage.
    This is the beginning, where you are just keeping silence for three to four days. In th ...
  6. What does silence mean?

    (Guruji kept silent for a couple of seconds)… got it?! ...
  7. Jai Gurudev Guruji. What is moun and how to follow it? What are things that we should avoid during moun?

    Moun means silence. You are mixing English and Hindi.
    How to be in silence? First, by not talking and second is antar moun, quieting the mind.
    For that when you sit in an advanced course a number dharanas or pratyahara are given. A number of tec ...
  8. Silence

    Prayer within breath Is silence Love within Infinity Is silence Wisdom without word Is silence Compassion without aim Is silence Action without doer Is silence Smiling with all the Existence Is silence! ...
  9. The Goal Of All Answers

    Some questions can be answered only in Silence. Silence is the goal of all answers. If an answer does not silence the mind it is "no" answer. Thoughts are not the goal in themselves. Their goal is Silence. When you ask the question "Who am ...
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