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  1. Dear Gurudev, there is so much conflict in the world even right now. How can there ever be world peace?

    Sometimes you feel like that.
    Even I felt, we have done so much work in Iraq; from 2003 we have been in Iraq. We have made efforts to bring communities together. We have brought smiles to the faces of thousands of Iraqi women. After the war we brought ...
  2. Gurudev, due to religious systems, people fight. Religion was formed by God, so does God take the blame for this quarrel?

    Listen, fools take any pretext to fight, not just religion. Fools fight over caste, over language, over nationality. They fight over anything. Be wise and rise above conflict.

  3. How do you bring peace to a relationship with a lot of conflict and arguments? Do you stay in it?

    There are two ways to handle it:
    Move away from that place at that time - because when everybody is angry, things are heating up, everyone goes deaf. Angry people do not listen to anyone. The best thing is move away a l ...

  4. Gurudev, The Art of Living is so popular now, yet we face a lot of difficulty at times in convincing our parents. In your time, how did you win your parents’ approval?

    Yes. I had to work hard for it.
    Do you know why have I kept a beard? No?
    In Delhi, when I started teaching, many of these professors would come, because they heard of my name and that I was teaching meditation. But when they came to the venue, th ...
  5. Gurudev, sometimes what make me happy conflicts with the expectations of my family and friends. In that case what do I do?

    Yes, you need to balance both.
    Balance between your search for happiness and the expectation of others from you.
    It is a little delicate but you should definitely make an effort. ...
  6. Conflict And Innocence

    Fights can only happen among equals. When you fight with someone, you make them equal. But in reality there is no one at par with you. When you keep people either above or below you, then there is no fight. When they are above you, you respect them. When ...
  7. Annihilate conflict

    When you are in a harmonious environment your mind picks up any excuse to be in conflict. So often small things are enough to create big turmoil. If you have a conflicting environment you tend to seek harmony... Have you noticed this? Ask yourself this qu ...
  8. Broaden your vision, deepen your roots

    The act which is only destructive and inflicts suffering both on oneself and others is terrorism. In such an act, human values are lost in the process of achieving a goal. Some of the factors that lead to terrorism are: Frustration and desperation to achi ...
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