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  1. Can an atheist attain enlightenment?

    Definitely! But he won’t remain an atheist after that. Look, an atheist can attain knowledge but he will not be able to remain an atheist forever after attaining knowledge. That is why communists run away from us, because they feel scared.
    If you are ...
  2. What is Prana? I only know that it is subtler than the breath. Has science discovered something in this field? Are there other dimensions of our life that science also agrees to?

    : Yes.
    I was recently reading this book called The Proof of Heaven, written by a neurologist. He writes about his experiences when he went into coma. He died clinically and had an out of body experience, and so he has written about his e ...
  3. Dear Gurudev, what has God got to do with spirituality? Can I not believe and still be spiritual?

    Do you know, in the six Darshanas (schools of India Philosophy), the first three Darshanas do not even talk about God – Nyaaya, Vaisheshika, Sankhya.

    Nyaaya Darshana b ...

  4. Was Buddha an Atheist?

    A pure atheist is impossible to find. An atheist is one who does not believe in anything that is not concrete and tangible. Life is not all concrete and tangible. Nor is this Universe. Whether it is business, science or art, they all involve a certain amo ...
  5. Atheism

    Atheism is when one does not believe either in values or in the abstract. When an atheist comes to the Guru, what happens? You start experiencing your own form and discover that you are indeed formless, hollow and empty. And this abstract non-form in you ...
  6. Atheism Is Not A Reality

    It is difficult to see God as formless and it is difficult to see God as form. The formless is so abstract and God in a form appears to be too limited. So some people prefer to be atheists. Atheism is not a reality, it is just a matter of convenience. Whe ...
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