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  1. The Subtle Truth About Virtues

    If we observe our behavior, we procrastinate doing something good but we are in a hurry when it comes to doing something bad. For example if we are angry we want to express it immediately and not wait. Do you know WHY? Because virtues are your very nature ...
  2. Virtues

    Virtues cannot be cultivated. You have to assume that they are there. In the Gita, Krishna said to Arjuna, "Grieve not Arjuna, you are born with virtues." The seeker should remember that he is born with virtues; otherwise he could not have been ...
  3. Do it till you become it!

    Virtues have to be practised till they become your nature. Friendliness, compassion and meditation should continue as practices till you realise that they are your very nature. The flaw in doing something as an act is that you look for a result. When it i ...
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