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  1. Gurudev, what do I do when I have too many negative thoughts?

    There are several reasons to it.
    When your bowel movements are not good, if you are constipated, there you get too many negative thoughts. So purification of the body is a must.
    When your digestion is good, then mind is clear too.

  2. The media always latches on to the negative stories. How can we make a good story sensational?

    This is one thing you should not do; generalize. You should not eternalize and generalize everything. You should not say that the media always, or every media does that. It is not the case.

    Here is one example. Annika Dopping from Sweden has made ...

  3. (Tanika Gray: News Editor at CNN) Q: With the media reporting crime and negativity around the world, what do you think is their responsibility towards this violence that is happening? What do you think we should be doing differently?

    I think the media has two important roles to play. One is to place the facts in front of the people as they are. At the same time create hope in people for the future.

    You know, the present scenario can be very depressing. The media has to take re ...

  4. Gurudev, I wonder why fearful and bad thoughts come even in the most positive of places, and sometimes even while praying. Please help.

    Never mind. Thoughts are thoughts. As long as you are aware that these thoughts are coming, you are very safe, because these thoughts come and go.

    Negative thoughts come due to several reasons:
    1. Lack of good circulation in the body, and imprope ...

  5. The suicide rate in Korea is very high. The children of Korea are growing up in an environment where there is too much competition and very less culture and spirituality. Please send us your words of wisdom.

    When energy goes down you get depressed and when it goes further down suicidal tendencies arise. Through proper breathing exercises, some meditation and through good and loving company energy can go up.

    Usually when we have some negative things in our ...

  6. What is the difference between dispassion, detachment and indifference?

    Why do you want a definition for these three words? You know it! It is you who gives meanings to these words, isn’t it?
    Be passionate for something higher.
    Be attached to virtues; if you think you have some.
    Be indifferent to anybody insulti ...
  7. Gurudev, no matter what I do to please my husband he is never happy. He keeps finding faults in me. What should I do?

    If you know that this is his habit then why are you getting so disturbed? Accept him and move on. Keep yourself happy. If you do not get disturbed by his behaviour then he will start to change.
    Every person has some or the other negative quality in t ...
  8. My work includes building maintenance. I have a few 100 people working for me as staff. This kind of work it is not appreciated by the society. So when the economy goes down, we can’t pay much to the employees. I try to motivate these people, other than money. However, there are some who keep complaining or are unhappy. How can I maintain peace and happiness?

    Money alone cannot bring success or happiness. You need to do something different. Teach people how they can handle their own negative emotions. Our teachers are here and we can have a program for your employees, especially for those who are always negat ...
  9. I try really hard, but I can't seem to get rid of negative thoughts?

    That is the problem. When negative thoughts come, don’t chase them. If you chase them, then they come back with a big army. Just shake hands with them, say, ‘Come on, sit with me.’ Then they will disappear.
    These are the reasons we need to learn to med ...
  10. Gurudev when will all the negative thoughts go away?

    They won’t go away, they will stay! What are you going to do? You have to live with them! There is no chance to get rid of them. The best thing to do is to make friends with them, shake hands with them, and make them sit next to you.
    If they are on yo ...
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