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  1. Gurudev, when my prayer remains unanswered for all these years, is it that I am stuck or is it that I am unable to see the larger picture?

    Both! You should always put a clause along with your prayer, ‘if it is good for me, let it happen.’
    Otherwise you are stuck with the desire in your mind for a long time. And when it does get manifested and become a reality, you may not want it.
    A ...
  2. Gurudev, Pain, poverty and prayer – what is the relationship? Why do only those who are in pain, or poverty resort to prayer?

    Not necessarily! The four types of people who pray are of course, one who is in pain, one who wants some more wealth they pray, and one who is on a deep quest and wants to know more about this life and knowledge. And then one who is enlightened, who is lib ...
  3. Gurudev, Beloved Guruji, I pray to you, I want to marry. You have given your blessings to me as well. Please make the person you have asked me to consult agree too. I have come under your care and shelter. I pray daily to you, will you answer my patient prayers?

    See, whenever we pray it is necessary that we must follow it up with one sentence.
    ‘May my wish be fulfilled or if there is something better for me may that be fulfilled’.
    How do you know what is best for your well being? So always add this line ...
  4. A Prayer

    Give me not thirst if you cannot give me water. Give me not hunger if you cannot give me food. Give me not joy if I cannot share. Give me not the skills if I cannot put them to good use. Give me not intelligence if I cannot perceive beyond it. Give me not ...
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