Ayurveda - Holistic approach to life

"Health is not mere absence of disease. It is a dynamic expression of life!" – Sri Sri

Ayurveda is more than a mere healing system for the sick. It is a lifestyle – a science and an art of proper living that ensures health and longevity!

Today the need for a holistic approach to health is more significant than ever before. Stress, pollution, unwholesome diet and unhealthy living practices have made health a challenge in today’s world. Ayurveda is that healing system that takes us back to nature.

  • Ayurveda Panchakarma
  • Nadi Pariksha
  • Ayurveda Hospital
  • Our wellness initiative, established with the vision of bringing the best of Ayurveda to the world. An array of lifestyle consultations and therapies are offered here. Panchakarma is the primary purification and detoxification treatment in Ayurveda and encapsulates 5 basic types of therapies – Vamana, Virechana, Vasti, Nasya and Raktamokshana. Preventave, curative and high relaxing, these therapies eliminate toxins in the body and help to strengthen the immune system.

    Other therapies offered at our wellness spa include Netrajyoti Eye Care Package, EECP Holistic Heart Care, Cranio-Sacral therapy, Neurotherapy, Colon Hydrotherapy, Swedish massage, Californian massage, skin and hair therapies, body scrubs, herbal facials, infrared sauna and jacuzzi.

  • An ancient Ayurvedic technique of diagnosis by reading the pulse. It can accurately diagnose physical, mental and emotional imbalances, reaching to the root cause of health issues.

    Our experts recommend the treatments to be adopted for any imbalances in your system and also chart the most suitable diet and lifestyle for you.

    For accurate diagnostic results Nadi Pareeksha is to be done on an empty stomach or at least three hours after food.

  • Attached to the College and Research Center, Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research Hospital ensures a perfect blend of modern diagnostic facilities with traditional Ayurvedic treatments.

    The hospital has the following out-patient departments:
    Kaumarabhritya (special care for children), Panchakarma (special care by detoxification & rejuvenation), Shalakya Tantra (special care for sense organs), Shalya Tantra (special care for surgical ailments), Kayachikitsa (special care for acute & chronic ailments), Streeroga and Prasuti Tantra (special care for women), Wasthavritta & Yoga (special care for general health).

    More than 100 Ayurveda treatments at very economical prices are on offer.