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  • Unleash the Leader Within!

    Within every individual there is a leader waiting to be unveiled. The Corporate program of Art of Living -Apex, transforms individuals into leaders based on a simple principle: if you inspire people from within, they will love what they do. If they love what they do, they take responsibility. When they take responsibility, they lead the organization to its vision.

    APEX touches the inner core of your employees, using the powerful breathing technique of Sudarshan Kriya, impacting the body, the mind and the spirit. This creates an inspired individual ready to explore, open to change and willing to take responsibility. It then introduces individuals to advanced team building techniques, harnessing collective power to meet organizational goals leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

    This revolutionary combines timeless wisdom, innovative processes and contemporary management techniques, creating a dynamic workplace that nurtures leadership, creativity and team spirit.

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  • Conferences and Meetings

    The Ashram provides a perfect blend of a green, tranquil environment with modern facilities, making it a perfect plac for corporate to hold discussions, surface creativity, expand their vision and rejuvenate themselves.

    The Campus has the capacity to host upto 1000 participants with availability of a wide range of meeting rooms, standard accessories including projection facility and adaptable seating arrangements, beautiful green spaces for outdoor break-outs and helpful support staff to manage events effortlessly.

    Whether it is a leadership strategy retreat for a group of 15 to 20 senior leaders or a large-group brainstorming sessions for technical experts or a values exploration discussion for fresh recruits, a customized package can be created to meet the specific need of every situation.

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    Employee Rejuvenation

    The hectic pace of corporate life can take a heavy toll on the health of an employee on many levels - body, thought, emotions. The Ashram offers a number of rejuvenation programs for the Corporate.

    The stress busting sessions include Yoga, meditation, team-building games, farming sessions, Ayurvedic therapies and processes to uplift the spirit and heal the mind.

    Treat your employees in a unique natural way in a beautiful serene Ashram environment, which is soothing and relaxing for body mind and spirit.

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  • Good intentions are the seed of great actions.

    Organizations are looking to contribute more and more to society and towards building a more sustainable future. The Art of Living provides numerous opportunities for partnerships with corporate in this endeavor.

    We brings together a gamut of social service projects ranging from rural education, rehabilitation of prisoners who want a second chance at life, building homes for homeless to trauma relief during cataclysmic events.

    Let us take up these great causes Corporate Social Partnerships that can make a difference to the world.

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