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Happiness Program

Every human being is seeking Happiness in his/her life. Although our basic nature is ‘being happy’, we sometimes end up being angry, jealous, frustrated & depressed with the people and situations around us. Everyone says – 'You should not get angry’! But neither at school, nor at college, did anyone teach us ‘how not’ to be angry or depressed? How to keep yourself in balance when unpleasant situations arise?

The Art of Living Happiness Program helps you to achieve that unshakeable smile effortlessly, using your own breath!  Millions of people across the world have benefitted from this program, and have experienced pronounced benefits in the realms of physical health, mental comfort and spiritual upliftment.

The program is a blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary lifestyle. With music, games and lots of fun – this is the kind of program that’s sure to make you smile from the bottom of your heart! 

Come & experience Waves of Happiness like never before!

Come for a weekend retreat at the beautiful Art of Living Ashram in Bangalore