Significances of Homas

Navratri is the time for us to go inwards by involving ourselves into spiritual practices like Meditation, Pujas and Homas. These Pujas and Homas are conducted for the benefit of everyone. The celebrations at the Art of Living Navratri are marked by a series of yagnas and homas to nullify all the misery, sorrow and pain, provide solace and bring in peace throughout the world. They are also meant to protect the environment, by instilling honor and reverence for Mother Earth. Scientifically, the Homas have proven to purify the atmosphere, casting a healing effect on the mind and the body. Each day of this nine-day period has special implications and yagnas and homas are performed accordingly. All are Welcome to attend ALL Pujas, Yagnas, Satsangs and have prasad. In gratitude, you may also participate by taking a Sankalpa in the Yagnas.

Sri Maha Ganapathi Homa:

The rituals begin with an offering to Ganesha, the Lord of Auspiciousness. Ganapathi Homa is symbolic of removing the obstacles before initiating any new venture.

Sri Navgraha Homa:

Performed to propitiate Nine Planets, which influence various spheres of life. It nullifies the negative impact created by the Nav Grahas or Nine Planets.

Vaastu Shanthi Homa:

Vastu Devta is the Lord for any construction or home. A possibility of any irregularities or doshas existing in the construction of home, factory etc is removed by this Homa. It is done to nullify the negative impact on the surroundings and the four directions.

Sri Maha Rudra Homa:

Rudra is the manifestation of Lord Shiva. It is one of the most ancient Homas from the text of Vedas. It is done for overall prosperity, health, happiness and removal of obstructions.

Sri Maha Sudarshan Homa:

Offered to Lord Sudarshana/Narayana, it signifies the removal of ignorance and illumination of a new life enriched with knowledge. Sudarshan signifies the discus of Lord Narayana. It is supposed to be the infallible weapon of Lord Narayana. It bestows clarity and helps remove blocks in the mind. His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has blessed us with the Sudarshan Kriya.

Sri Nava Chandi Homa:

The day of Ashtami or the eighth day, marks the pinnacle of all homas of Navaratri. The Sri Nava Chandi Homa(Durga, Bhadrakali, Amba, Annapoorna devi, Sarvamangala, Bhairavi, Chandika or Chandi,


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