Weekly Programs

  1. The Art of Living Happiness Program

    The answer to stress is right under your nose!

    With ever greater demands on our time, one needs more energy to handle the stress of daily life. Confidence, inner peace, enthusiasm and a smile - these qualities shine through naturally when the body is full of energy and vitality.

    Living with Joy, purpose and confidence is the mantra of the The Art of Living Happiness Program. The program gives you practical knowledge and effective techniques to release your mental and physical stress, thereby bringing about a considerable improvement in health and energy levels.

    Learning the breathing techniques along with practical knowledge and yoga in The Art of Living Happiness program allows us to dissolve stress and negative emotions, improve health, calm the mind, and uplift our energy. The centerpiece of the course is Sudarshan Kriya, a powerful breathing technique when practiced regularly relieves one from long clogged emotions and stress.
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    Eligibility: 18 yrs or above
    Every Friday - Sunday: Click here to register

  2. Part II Program

    Rest in your infinite nature

    Quieten the mental chatter, and experience profound rest and inner silence.

    The practice of silence – of consciously withdrawing our energy and attention from outer distractions – has been used in different traditions throughout time as a pathway to physical, mental, and spiritual renewal. Offered as residential program for a minimum of 2 ½ days, it builds upon the Sudarshan Kriya breathing technique offered in The Art of Living Happiness Program and takes us deep within.

    By participating in various course processes specifically designed to take us beyond our usually active minds, we experience an extraordinary sense of peace and renewed vitality that we carry home with us and into daily lives.
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    Eligibility: The Art of Living Happiness Program (Part I) or YES!+
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  3. Sahaj Samadhi Meditation

    Effortless path to true relaxation

    Everyone has experienced a meditative state in moments of deep joy, or when completely engrossed in an activity, when just for a moment the mind becomes so light and at ease. While we have such moments, we are unable to repeat them at will. The Sahaj Samadhi course teaches you how. This meditation technique almost instantly alleviates the practitioner from stress-related problems, deeply relaxes the mind and rejuvenates the system.

    Sahaj is a Sanskrit word that means natural or effortless. Samadhi is a deep, blissful, meditative state. Sahaj Samadhi meditation is a natural, effortless system of meditation.

    It is a one-on-one instruction course, spread over three days where the participants are initiated into a natural and graceful system of meditation. The participant is taught to use a simple sound mentally which allows the mind to settle down and go within.

    Regular practice of the technique can totally transform the quality of one’s life, by culturing the system to maintain the peace, energy and expanded awareness throughout the day.
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    Eligibility: 18 yrs or above
    Every Friday - Sunday: Click here to register

  4. Sri Sri Yoga Level 1

    Path to a healthy body and mind

    Yoga asanas that have been practised for centuries, integrated with wisdom from ancient scriptures, are brought to you in a format that would help you to improve the quality of daily living.

    Yoga as often misunderstood, is not just doing some body-twisting postures – its aim is to experience the union of body, mind and breath.

    Sri Sri Yoga courses have been designed for the well-being of the body while nurturing your mind and spirit. Practice of Sri Sri Yoga cultivates a healthier and happier lifestyle.
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    Eligibility: 18 yrs or above
    Every Friday - Sunday: Click here to register