Making Life a Celebration

Art of Living personal development programs combine the mystical and the
modern to help you create a life of purpose, joy and confidence

Personality Development

Personality Development

Gain more confidence to take on situations, more energy to engage with other people and awareness to remember the little things that add more to ourselves.

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Spiritual Experience

Spiritual Experience

The way you handle the demands on your energy & time determines the quality of life you enjoy. The science is simple & easy.

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Family and Relationships

For a fulfilling relationship, it is essential to have effective communication. The secret of a healthy relationship is with you every moment.

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Upcoming Art of Living Courses

Upcoming Art of Living Courses

Experience waves of happiness like never before

  • Learn Sudarshan Kriya - a Powerful Breathing Technique
  • Yoga and Meditation to unlock your Fullest Potential
  • Heal and Harmonize the body, mind and spirit
  • Skills to handle the mind and negative emotions
  • Practical Wisdom to improve Relationships
  • Ways to easy Stress Relief and to Enhance all aspects of your Life
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Learn Sudarshan Kriya

Sudarshan Kriya®: A powerful breathing technique to discover your unlimited power and freedom - not as a concept, but as a direct experience.

 Connect to your depth through the secrets of your breath.


  • My life has changed

    "Why didn`t I discover the Art of Living earlier? I could have prevented so many disasters in my life!  All I can say is come breathe with us.  My life has changed so much, I wouldn`t have believed it if I was told this before.  It`s an experience that I recommend to everyone, as early as possible.  Have a great life and do something for yourself—come to an Art of Living course!"

    ~ Robin, Engineer

    Changing my mood, behaviour and perspective

    “The Art of Living course has shown me that I can make conscious changes within my body and this affects my mood, behaviour and perspective.  Our essence is love and I have been shown what a difference it makes when I apply this to my love and life."

    ~ Vivian, Toronto  

Projects and Events

  • Mission Green Earth Community...

    Since 2008 Art of Living volunteers have been participating in various community service projects in the City of Mississauga and have planted over 5300...
The Art of Living

About Us

  • Making life a celebration
  • Creating a violence & stress free society
  • Founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
  • Largest volunteer based NGO
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