The Art of Wholesome Eating Course

The Art of Wholesome Eating is an empowering course bursting with knowledge from the lively ayurvedic tradition! It offers specific tools for your own constitution and kindles the fun of effortlessly cooking with energizing nutritious ingredients from around the globe.

Ayurveda recognizes that each individual has a unique constitution. In this course, the basic concepts of ayurveda are introduced in a dynamic manner, giving you a better understanding of your own personal needs. 

It will give you the tools to recognize imbalances and the means to correct them. The knowledge you learn will answer many of the questions you often ask yourself when you wish to improve your health.  Whatever we eat becomes our body and mind. Though ayurveda originates from India, cooking according to ayurvedic principles requires no change of eating style but rather, a reintroducing of harmony within the natural rhythms of nature and our beings, to support our own individual needs.

Using the most recent studies on foods, the vegetarian cookery demonstrations introduce ways of balancing your diet in an easy, creative and delicious way.

This course is offered as an 18hour program given in 6 sessions over 4 days. Upon demand, the course travels throughout Canada and USA.

Prerequisites: None.

For more information please contact Elisabeth Jaeger at (819) 532-3328 or via email to: info@