Organic Gardening

The Canadian Art of Living International Centre has an ECOCERT certified organic garden where our volunteer gardeners are trained and implement sustainable and organic agricultural techniques, like vermi-composting and the use of natural pesticides, biofertilizers and effective micro-organisms, that yield delicious produce including:

· Tomatoes

· Apples

· Potatoes

· Cabbage

· Beans

· Chard

· Assorted fresh herbs

· Beets and turnips

· Summer squash

· Head lettuce

The thousands of participants a year who take the many varied residential yoga and meditation programs offered by Art of Living enjoy delicious, light,meals and when in harvest, many of the meals are made using organic produce from our gardens.

Building Organic community Garden in Wemotaci First Nations Community

In Spring 2011, volunteers from the Canadian Art of Living International Centre brought their organic gardening expertise to Wemotaci reserve to help them start up an organic community garden. This garden was then used to educate primary and secondary school children in the community, providing them with the opportunity to reconnect to the Earth, acquire skills and also help them in their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.The garden was named “JardinMikinak”. In Atikamekw language, Mikinak means "Tortoise", which signifies "Mother Earth, Wisdom and Perseverance".

Deepening Roots

Sri Sri recognizes that to nurture and ensure future conservation of nature, it is necessary to inculcate these values in young minds.

It is with this aim that Deepening Roots, aneducational service project which brings youth together in the spirit of sustainable development, was created.

Deepening Roots is a residential program at the Canadian Art of Living Centre in collaboration with Internationl Association for Human Values. Since 2005 Art of Living volunteers have worked to offer summer immersions and weekend workshopsat the Canadian Art of Living International Centre.

By focusing on 5 elements (Meditation; Health & Wellness; Sustainable Agriculture; Empowerment; and Community) participants are able to understand how each element supports a more sustainable and dynamic lifestyle.  Deepening Roots connects one to their food system and illustrates ways to take responsibility for one’s own health.


“I feel I have broken down any barrier between knowledge and action when it comes to gardening.” - Jessica Budgell

“How did this internship make me feel? Off the charts!What more can I say, I want to learn more, do more and see more...I want to share this knowledge and experience it with everyone.I can make a difference. - Jenny Olah

“This summer has been the best summer of my life. Never before have I been engulfed in so much knowledge, has so much fun and grown so much.” - Jayne Archer

“Since the summer program I have been involved in two local gardens and I have been busy working with the office of sustainability at my university.Everything has been inspired by the internship.That was the most amazing summer.” - KerenLifshitz.