Volunteer/Pre-Teacher Training

The Volunteer / Pre-Teacher Training course is for everyone! An intensive program which empowers individuals with the knowledge and confidence to become dynamic Introductory Workshop facilitators for the Art of Living Courses. Graduates will be given the tools and training to support them in networking, organizing, and leading introductory workshops. You will be qualified to teach two breathing techniques: Bhastrika and Nadi Shodana, and to lead the PanchaKosha Meditation. This special program will greatly enhance your leadership, teamwork, organizing, public relations, and course-enrollment skills. 

This course also helps personal, professional and spiritual development.  The exercises offered in this course can help you overcome any barriers or hindrances to your growth. This course is one of the prerequisites for the teacher training courses, but you do not need to want to be a teacher to benefit from this program. 


Completion of all of the following criteria:

  1. Art of Living or the yesplus course

  2. At least one Art of Silence course

  3. Minimum age: 20

  4. Free from use of alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs

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