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  1. Gurudev, why was this world made?

    It was made for Me! (laughter) And if you ask why are there so many problems made in this world, then I would say they were made for you! (laughter again)
    These problems were made so that you don’t get stuck and attached to this w ...

  2. Beloved Gurudev, you often talk about multiple realities. Please tell us some more. Please tell us more about angels, guardians, devas, etc.

    Yes, it is altogether a very deep subject. As I said, the world is of multiple layers. On one level of quantum physics, everything is made up of just one thing. But when you come to periodic tables in classical chemistry, then it is different. There are ...

  3. What is nothingness filled with? Is it full of life and awareness?

    Nothingness is filled with energy. This is again quantum physics.
    They say, the empty space that you see around the Sun is not empty. In fact, the Sun is round because the energy surrounding it pushing it from all the four sides and making it round.< ...

  4. Gurudev, what is Om? Who started Om?

    Om is the essence of creation, like the seed of a tree.
    In the seed, the whole tree is there, right? You sow a mango seed and the whole mango tree comes. This is the reason why mantras are called bij mantra (bij means seed). Om is the param ...
  5. In Yoga Vasistha, Lord Rama tells us that three worlds exist because of mind stuff. When the mind vanishes the worlds also vanish. What does he mean by mind stuff and how can the world exist because of the mind?

    This cannot be explained, this can only be experienced.
    Till the time it becomes your experience just take the words and don’t look for an explanation.

    If I say laddoo is sweet and if you ask, ‘How is laddoo sweet?’ I have no idea. I will say, ‘J ...

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