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  1. Can you please talk about karma and how it works? I always question young kids that die painfully, or babies who die in the mother’s womb.

    You know, karma is unfathomable. It is very deep, like measuring the depth of an ocean. Which karma, where, what? It is all simply too big to explain, but it is the cause for any action.
    No event or action can happen without a cause, this is si ...

  2. Gurudev, few days back you were discussing about Maya (Illusion) and I thought about my mother-in-law. God has given her everything. She has a nice house, servants, car and a daughter-in- law like me. But despite of all this her face is always serious grim. And surprisingly her name is also Maya. Now I know what is Maya. Please let me know how to get liberated from Maya. (Laughter)

    I will first ask ‘Maya’ (referring here to the mother-in-law) and then let you know! (Laughter) Maybe she also wants freedom from someone. Liberation is not one sided. See, even your mother has scolded you at many times, is it not so? There isn’t a ...
  3. Gurudev, I got divorced four years ago and got remarried less than a year ago. I see that the same situations are repeating in my life. Is this karma or am I not able to apply the knowledge?

    You will know this better.
    See what mistakes you are making. Do you have acceptance? Do you serve a person? Why would someone not like to be with you if you are a fountain of joy and enthusiasm?
    Why would someone not like to be with you if you ...
  4. Gurudev, people sin in one life, why does God punish them in the next lives. Wouldn’t it be better to know the reason while you’re being punished.

    There are many different types of karma. Some things if you do today, it gives you result immediately.

    Suppose there is fire, and you keep your hand in it, will it burn today or tomorrow? It will burn now. But if you sow a mango seed, for it to grow an ...

  5. Gurudev, I have been told that a human soul can often take one to two million years to find liberation. Is it true that by doing Kriya and meditation every day, this liberation can be obtained even in one lifetime?

    Everything works with some strange karma. You must lift your eyes and look into this realm.

    There is a beautiful couplet that says, ‘This world has all the wealth, all that is needed, but one who has no karma, cannot get it.’
    So, whe ...

  6. Are all relationships based on previous karma?

    Do you know, sometimes a soul who wants to come into the world, it picks up one man and one woman and then creates such an attraction between them. So these two people come closer, and the moment they have the first child, suddenly all the love d ...
  7. How to deal with people with a very big ego, especially when their behavior is affecting life and others in a bad way?

    Let them have a big ego, why are you bothered?
    You nurse an even bigger ego than them, there ends the story.
    In fact you will find you have a bigger ego, I tell you.
    Let others have an ego, so what? Why do you sign on a contract of destroyin ...
  8. How does the Karma of our parents and ancestors affect us? Are we also punished because of their bad karmas?

    Listen, if your ancestor has left you a house, is it not a boon for you now? Why are you asking such obvious questions?!
    They have earned a lot of money, toiled and built a home and they left it to you. You are enjoying their karma, is it not?! And if ...
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