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  1. Do yogis have a weekend?

    In between lifetimes!

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  2. Gurudev, what is the relation between God and Truth? And what should be the relationship between a master and a disciple?

    God is not somebody sitting in the heaven trying to give you a little finger which you want to go and catch, but he flies away. No! God is not some man or woman or somebody sitting somewhere. God is the summum bonum of the whole creation.< ...

  3. Why do masters sometimes ignore disciples? Can a Guru ever forsake or get fed up with a disciple?

    If you think you are very important, then you will be ignored. Got it? There is no question of forsaking. Does air forsake you? Does the sun forsake you?
    There is nothing called forsaking. If anyone feels like that, it is all in the mind.
    < ...

  4. Gurudev, how could Krishna teach Dhyan Yoga (meditation) or Karma Yoga (Service) without actually making him do meditation?

    When one is a Yogeshwara (Lord of Yoga), the effect of that gets translated almost immediately. You don’t have to do much. Say it and it immediately registers.

    There is a saying in Sanskrit, 'Rishinaam yatchittanaam vaacham arthonu dhaa ...
  5. Gurudev, how does a master decide, how much truth is to be revealed and how much to be concealed as the listeners may be on different stages of their spiritual growth.

    Real master does not make any effort at all. He has purity in heart, clarity in mind and spontaneity in action.

  6. Gurudev, we are very lucky to have such a great master in this age, but what is the reason you have chosen us although we do so many wrong things?

    See, when you are sick, at least then you go to the hospital? If people are sick yet they don’t want to go to the hospital, what do you tell them?
    So if you do wrong things, never mind, at least come and sit in satsang. Your tendency to do wrong thing ...
  7. Gurudev, please talk on the art of asking questions since, at times, I am not satisfied with an answer I get, or I get more confused with the answer.

    When the mind is restless, no matter what the answer is, it does not get in. When your mind is quiet, just a sign is good enough and you will pick up the answer, for you are the source of all answers. When you are quiet, then, from with ...

  8. Why has Indian mythology given forms to all energies. Are all the mythological stories true? How can Rishis lose control and curse if they are enlightened?

    The universe is full of names and forms. The moment you give a name, form also comes with it. And many of these forms were cognized in the subtle. So they continue in the subtle realm.

    Now, why did the Rishis (Seers) get angry and c ...

  9. Dear Gurudev, you have spoken about the three kinds of devotees. Are there different flavors of masters as well?

    Yes, definitely!
    History has seen many different types of masters. In fact they are all very unique and everybody is different. There are people with a little more rajasic gun and a little tamasic gun, while some are more satvic. ...
  10. In the Upanishads you speak about getting close to the master. Does this also mean in a physical way.

    We are already here. We are physically sitting close here to one another, is it not so?
    Closeness comes from your mind and felt in your heart. If your mind is elsewhere, and is filled with doubts and negativity, then even though you may be sitting rig ...
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