1. What Makes A Great Warrior

    Do, 07/16/2015
    Great-Warrior.jpg The word great warrior refers to a man with valor and is usually said to the people who fight in the world and win over their enemies. But, one who sits still, one who follows the path of ‘ahimsa’ or non-violence totally, is a ...
  2. Practice Being Content

    Sa, 08/15/2015
    content.jpg Deep rest is the essence of sadhana. You have become so tired by doing something or the other all the time. Now just sit down for some time and to be with yourself. Do some meditation. When you meditate, you will start seeing a new ...
  3. Sri Sri's Commentary on the Bhagavad Gita Chapter 8- Part 1

    Sa, 08/15/2015
    contentment.jpg In Chapter 8, Lord Krishna begins by telling Arjuna, “I am the Supreme Lord and the governing deity of all Yajnas – whether they are material or spiritual in nature. I am the One who everyone wishes to know and attain in the last ...
  4. Meditation: The Fastest Way To A Quiet Mind

    Fr, 07/10/2015
    MatureMeditator2.jpg (Below is a continuation of post Making A Better World) Gurudev, what is better, doing one’s daily spiritual practices, or doing smarana (remembering God), or just observing the thoughts as they come and go? Sri Sri Ravi Sh ...
  5. Making A Better World

    Fr, 07/10/2015
    Guru1.jpg There are problems in life but we have to collectively work towards them and overcome them. We are so fortunate that we have this knowledge. This organization is now 35 years, and this is what we have been doing, coming together and s ...
  6. You Are Not Your Thoughts

    Sa, 06/13/2015
    thoughts4.jpg (Below is a continuation of post Drop The Past) If I am the source of thoughts, then is there any difference between the source and the soul? If it is the same, do bad thoughts affect the soul? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: See, when do y ...
  7. Drop The Past

    Sa, 06/13/2015
    past5.jpg Gurudev, you always say that joy is in the present moment. But there are some events of the past that hold me back from being totally in the present moment. Despite wanting to, many times I am not able to be totally in the present. Wh ...
  8. The Science of Vastushastra

    Mi, 06/03/2015
    vastushastra.jpg (Below is a continuation of post Love Is About Giving) How much importance should we give to Vastushastra? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: See, Vastushastra is definitely a science in itself. This science was conceived and developed in t ...
  9. The Cause Of All Causes Is The Guru Principle

    Sa, 08/01/2015
    bethankful.jpg It so happened once, a lady went to a Guru and said, "I have two questions". The Guru said, "Okay, ask me". The lady asked, "Why did God make this world? Why couldn't he just be happy with the way it was? And having created it, w ...
  10. Sri Sri's Message On Guru Purnima 2015

    Fr, 07/31/2015
    gurupurnima.jpg There are two worlds that we live in: One is the world of memory and the other is the real world. In memory, there are three types of memory.1. You remember but you can't do anything about it. You remember your childhood, but yo ...
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