Ethnic conflict, Sri Lanka (2005 to present)

Easing the trauma of a prolonged civil war

Sri Lanka (2005 to present)

Sri Lanka’s population has suffered through decades of conflict between the army and Tamil separatist groups in a protracted civil war, which reached its peak in 2009. Even in the government no-fire zones, civilians have been forced to contend with the threats of falling shells which killed up to 100 a day, scarcity of food and clean water, and the trauma inflicted by the prolonged war and ensuing displacement.

Healing the pain

During this conflict, Art of Living volunteers have organized relief efforts for victims of the conflict. In addition to receiving material supplies, thousands of refugees and victims have benefited from trauma relief workshops conducted in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu. These courses have prepared people to live after the war by dispelling the loss and confusion felt by displaced persons. Peace and renewed optimism have been restored to the minds of people.