I love Sahaj Samadhi

I had always heard and seen people meditating, but never quite understood what "happens" or what one "does" for meditation ; until 24th Feb 2009 - when I was initiated into the ART OF LIVING Family; with my Part-1 Basic Course. And then - the flight began! I have since then been practicing Meditation everyday! And it has been a truly enriching and transforming experience for me - since every day's meditation brings is different from the previous days! It brings in newer insights, and more depth!
I have become more observant of my inner thoughts, and my awareness has increased. Not only that - it has helped me become calmer and centered more focused and also my Intuitive skills have sharpened a lot ever since I started meditating. And the Sahaj Samadhi Meditation is like Instant Coffee - in almost no time you're transported to a different realm! Such is the power of the Guru Mantra in Sahaj! Meditation is going to be 1 habit I am going to keep for all time to come! It truly is the art of doing NOTHING!

Anirudh Singh