Want To Be A Child Again?

The first step out of bed and we let our minds fly to the rest of the day, making plans, mentally preparing for that presentation, being utterly restless. You nibble food but what you ingest is tight schedules and a pile of plans. Your body is there but your mind is far away in a meeting that is to start in a bit. When then do you get the time and space to feel that the first step out of bed is your baby step into a new day with renewed energy and enthusiasm? Do you long to feel like a baby again?

When we are among our friends, we are kids again—laughing over petty matters and doing stupid things. They don't let us give way to age easily. You might not be able to share such light moments with your friends every day. But taking out 15 minutes from your time-table to meet that friend within and relive the joy of childhood won’t be difficult if you choose to meditate. Meditation will help loosen the grip that misconceptions have on you and then following these tips to live a youthful life won’t be difficult.


Add Fun To Your Daily Chores

Despite packed timetables, you can add a bit of fun to your daily chores and feel like a child again.

For instance, if you are doing laundry, why not try and play with the soap foam, or if you are gardening, why not make some mud balls and play with it. Or maybe while cleaning your room, why not dance to some music; If you are doing your daily exercise then maybe do it in the snow for a change. 

You can easily enjoy whatever you do. All you need to do is just add a bit of fun to it, just like little children do.

Have you seen how, as adults, we start judging ourselves with things we can do and things we can't. Regular practice of meditation makes you feel so free and open that you can practically do anything with ease and enjoy yourself while doing it. Imagine the fun of completing the same work in less time and thoroughly enjoying yourself while doing it.


Let Go of Your Worries & Laugh Over Your Mistakes

Have you seen how kids are carefree? If you have made a mistake, you might feel it's a big deal and the world will tremble and fall. Drop your worries for once and see if the world falls on your head. You might be surprised to know that it does not.

How often do you find opportunities to laugh purposely on your mistakes? Ask yourself, is there a point in crying over spilt milk? You can't undo what you have done. Then why repent? Laugh it off and if you can rectify your mistakes, do it right away! But laugh either ways.

At times it is natural to feel bad about your mistakes; meditation will be to you what cool breeze is on a sunny day .Meditation helps you look beyond the act gone wrong and see that it just happened and was not done on purpose. When you change your perception, you won't find forgiving others or yourself a difficult task. And letting go of your worries will not be as tough as you think. So, the next time you commit a mistake, just laugh it off!


Remind Yourself You Are A Young Adult

Have you been saying this to yourself lately, "I feel I have lost the youthfulness" or "I can't do things with the same vigor and vitality"? If you are frequently thinking like this, maybe that's what is making you feel older. Rather than telling yourself you are old, remind yourself that you are a young adult.

And daily practice of meditation will help you live by the name of a young adult, because you will be able to do things with a natural zeal and enthusiasm.

When you tap into that eternal source of energy with meditation, you'll see that what seemed to be like moving mountains is just a game. And if the extent of work requires you to put in more energy, steal it from the reservoir within through meditation.


Dont Hold On To Your Feelings

Have you seen a kid being scolded? S/he will probably cry on top of her/his voice. But a little later they forget about it! But have you observed how we keep holding on to our feelings? It's like holding your fist tightly. How do you feel? Uneasy, right?

What if we could be as free as children?

Meditation is doing the cleansing for you, of the garbage of feelings you have stored inside. And once that's done, your playfulness takes over.

Your reserve of energy, creativity, and youthfulness is not something you can lose easily. It is like a reservoir of water hidden deep inside. The more you draw from it, the more it will replenish itself. If unused, it becomes stale. So loot all you can now! Take to meditation right away! Learn meditation from an expert.

But most importantly, to feel like a baby, enjoy the presence of children around. Never stop learning. With meditation, dissolve your ego to be the master of your mind and a student of a child.

Written by Ravisha Kathuria

Based on inputs by Bharathy Harish, Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Teacher



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