1. Gurudev, what is liberation? Why do people seek it, and from what are people seeking liberation?

    Suppose you are made to sit on a chair for 10 hours, and you are ordered, ‘You should not get up from the chair.’ You say, ‘Please, my legs have gone to sleep. Please can I wake them up?’ Will you say this or not? That is seeking liberation.
    You just ...
  2. When I do not know much about liberation how will I get the desire to be liberated?

    When you feel the bondage only then will you desire for liberation. When you are happy and you do not feel any bondage, then the desire for liberation will not come.
    One who does not wish for happiness gets liberation, and one who does not even desire ...
  3. Gurudev, they say that one cannot attain heaven without dying. Is it necessary to die to attain Moksha (liberation)?

    Who said so? If while living you could not experience heaven then how will you experience it after death? Even after death you will not experience it.
    If while living you could not learn to smile, to be happy and joyful, then what will you learn afte ...
  4. Gurudev, please tell me about Moksha.

    Whatever desires you have in life, finish them before you die. There should be one moment when you feel, ‘I don't want anything’ – This is Moksha.
    There is no need to die to attain Moksha. Before you die you should feel contended. ...
  5. Gurudev, there is a saying that a seeker should not mistake understanding for realization, and realization for liberation. Can you please explain this?

    Who said this? I do not have the habit of commenting on someone else’s sayings.
    Understanding is intellectual. Experience is subtler than that. And beyond experience is liberation – when you know you are not the experience but the experiencer
  6. Dear Gurudev, besides practicing Sadhana, how can we make sure we do not come back again and again, and get liberated.

    Contentment! Satisfaction!
    Everything you do, do it happily with contentment.
    You have done today’s work and you are contented. And whatever work you do tomorrow, do with contentment.
    Every moment in life, live with contentment, and that bri ...
  7. In the Ashtavakra Gita, it says, ‘You can go on reading scriptures, but you will get liberation only when you forget the scriptures.’ So then what is the purpose of reading the scriptures?

    See, you get into a bus, but then you also need to get out of the bus.
    Now if you argue with me that, ‘If I have to get out of the bus then why should I get into the bus?’
    You get into the bus from somewhere else and you get out from somewhere el ...
  8. If we study law, there is a guarantee of becoming a lawyer. If we study engineering, there is a guarantee of becoming an engineer if we put in our efforts. However, there is no guarantee of getting liberation if we keep doing our Sadhana and keep walking this path.

    It is definitely guaranteed.
    Arjuna asks the same question in the Bhagavad Gita. So, Lord Krishna replies, ‘Na hi kalyana-krt kascid durgatim tata gacchati’, (Chapter 6, Verse 40).
    For one who walks the spiritual path, you wi ...
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