1. Jai Gurudev, I want to contest in the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections. There are still two more years to the elections. In these two years, what work must I do on the field to win?

    Very good. First choose the field and the area and then do a lot of work there. Conduct courses and bring up more volunteers there. Set up a Pre-TTC volunteer training workshop there. Bring everyone together and make them realize how they can contribute to ...
  2. In the Mahabharata, why did an intelligent person like Bhishma choose to remain silent on sensitive issues and was ready to fight side-by-side with Duryodhana?

    Why do you want me to talk about Mahabharata? Bhishma has already said what happened there. He feels so obliged.
    Duryodhana was in high command and the good people got trapped into his high commanding (position). That is the problem.
    There are goo ...
  3. Is politics dirty?

    Nothing is dirty by itself. It is the people who make it dirty! If people with the wrong mindset get into it, then they make it dirty. However, if youth with the right attitude get into it, they can make it better.

    How many cricket lovers are here? Don’ ...

  4. Can corruption ever be eliminated?

    We should think that we can do it and move in that direction. We should dream for it. We should dream for a corruption free society. It may not be possible 100% but we should aim at 100%, at least we can reach somewhere between 80-90%.
    There are some ...

  5. Gurudev, you ask people to vote for a better of India, but in the present scenario I am confused as I don’t find anyone fit for the job. It’s like selecting the least bad guy. What to do?

    You are correct. Less corrupt is what you should choose, as of now. But in five years, all the youngsters prepare and think of another alternative.
    For now, change has to happen and we should choose the least corrupt. Give them a chance and if they a ...

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