1. Gurudev, You own the world’s biggest army. You have the best commandos and the most dedicated soldiers across the world. Your personnel never retire. In fact, new are continuously joining, just because you pay the best salary – happiness. Yet your vision for Vasudaiva Kutumbakam (One World Family) seems a far off dream. Even in our own country, we haven’t united. How do we move ahead?

    That’s a job left for you to do. You have a role to play. This is what you need to do.

    We should go from village to village and unite the hearts and minds of people. Don’t think it’s a difficult job, the unity is already there. There’s just a little bi ...

  2. Gurudev, today while doing gardening seva, I sprayed natural insecticide probably killing a thousands of bugs. How does this fit in with karma and non-violence?

    Don’t worry, you can kill a mosquito, no problem! You see, violence is the act that you do with anger or some selfish goal. When animals prey for their food, it is not called violence. They are just doing their dharma. Similarly in y ...

  3. In Jainism it is said that yagnas should not be performed because fire kills several living organisms. I have attended the yagnas (ritual offering and sacrifices to the sacred fire) here and they were very good, beyond words. How do I understand what the scriptures say in Jainism?

    The main essence of Jainism is meditation. The second is ahimsa (non-violence). They both go together, ahimsa and meditation.

    Religions have blossomed at different times and at different places. According to the time and place they have said th ...

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