1. Decision and confusion

    Decision comes only when there is confusion. When there is no confusion then there is no decision. For example, if there is a piece of wood and a biscuit on your desk, you don't decide which one to eat, isn't that right? Decision is always about ...
  2. Gurudev, I am confused about what choice I should make between two job opportunities that are seemingly the same. How do I know which one will be good for me in the long run?

    I know you have a lot of confusion.
    There is a Chinese proverb that says, ‘The best thing to do when you are so confused is to take a pillow and go to bed.’
    When you are so confused any choice you make, you will think something else is better. So ...
  3. I read your book in which you said, ‘if you think you have to make a decision you are confused.’ I still feel confused. What to do?

    Yes, when you think you have to make a decision that means you are confused and you have not decided. If you have decided you won’t say you need to decide.
    If you say, ‘I am hungry’, that means you have not eaten. If you have eaten then you are not hu ...
  4. There is a lot of confusion and lack of decision making even with small things. Confusion is between the good as you said, but how do I make a choice between the good.

    If I tell you something more, you will get even more confused. You think your confusion is not enough? I don’t want to add more. Too much confusion becomes a problem too.
    Be with your confusion and see where it leads you.
    Check the greed in you. ...
  5. Gurudev, I always hesitate to take any decision, what can I do because I am always confused?

    Look, don’t say always. If you do it always, you won’t even know. You do it in gaps and that is why you know.
    When you transcend the duality that is when wisdom dawns on you. We usually eternalise everything. Like, ‘I always commit an error’. If someo ...
  6. Gurudev, please speak about the knowledge in Yoga Vasistha. Whenever I read it, I get confused. Please resolve this confusion.

    You are asking me to do something that is not my job.
    My job is to create more confusion. Every time you get confused, you move one step higher.
    So creating confusion is my job and coming out of it is your exercise. If Yoga Vasishta is doing the s ...
  7. In this social life everyday with lots of boundaries, limitations and problems, I am unable to concentrate. Can you please advise me on how to concentrate and be focused towards the goal of my life?

    So, you have the desire to concentrate. This itself is good, you are already focused. You are aware that you want to be focused and you are aware you are getting distracted, that means you are focused. Don’t doubt that, okay?!
    And to increase that focu ...
  8. If you are not sure of a decision, for example, getting married, should you just go with the flow and get married or wait until you are certain?

    You should ask your partner with whom you want to get married.
    There are some who are fickle minded, who need a push to do anything, including marriage. And there are others who face such situations once in a while. So I leave the choice to you.
  9. How do I get clarity when things are very ambiguous?

    There is a proverb in Chinese which says - When you feel so confused, take a pillow and go to bed. When you wake up next morning, you will be much better.
    You know it is our ambition; our over ambitiousness does not let us c ...
  10. How do I know if I am making the correct decision?

    When you make a decision, somewhere you get the gut feeling that says, ‘Yes, this is correct.'
    One thing you should know is that even if you take a wrong decision, it always leads you to growth. You become stronger, you learn a lesson somewhere deep i ...
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