Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - 7 hints for a happy life

1st of Jul 2011

Bild Berlin Brandenburg, 29 June 2011


Charlottenburg – Tomorrow at 10 am it will start: The two-day World Culture Festival in the Olympic Stadium. 26000 tickets have already been sold.

The inspiration behind the event: Super-Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (55), considered as one of the most important thinkers of India, loves Berlin: “In this city everything is vibrating.” In BILD he shares exclusively 7 hints for a happy life to the Berlin people:

- Smile more. A baby is smiling 400 times a day, adults much too seldom. Smiles give the nerves of the brain some rest.

- Get refreshed by nature! Observe the rain, the trees, the birds. This will refresh you very much.

- Learn from your past and look forward! Be aware that people have overcome difficult times.

  This will increase your faith.

- Give yourself a break, so that you are charged with the energy that you need.

- Know that you will have to face changes. Set objectives with the awareness that everything will change.

- Stretch your hand first! Choose friends, which are different than you.

- Do unimportant things! That will help you to get rid of restlessness and fear.

  Everything will fall in place at the right time.