You are real Santa

Prayers Name: 
Tinaz Wellington
Mumbai, India
Prayers Image: 

He came, he charmed, he mesmerised

Dressed in white, from head to foot

His smile always a jingle

He made us all mingle

Tired he was, but he displayed not

His eyes ever twinkling

Like a star ever sparkling…

With Bombay-ites at their very best

Our love for Him never at rest

Fell over Him for a touch or smile

Which would take our life an extra mile!

Unawares he was of our weird love

Yet calm and composed

He was, peaceful as a dove

A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,

Soon gave me to know, my mind he had read!

He Smiled – Oh So Merry

Swaying in the Jingle

Like a dancing fairy…

Santa Claus, - our Guruji

A symbol of generosity

His laugh, is joy from our joy,

What he gives us isn't simply just a toy

A mind with unrest and hesitation

Was calmed with his 20 minute meditation

Kids questioned him

As he answered with his unfazed whim

Then he took his much awaited flight

To another land in the darkness of the night

We waved till he went off our sight

In another land to show the light

And then You understand how magic works,

You'd see he's more than

Just a symbol of peace upon this earth!