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  1. Gurudev, there are many inequalities in this world, one of them is between women and men. Women are suffering from different types of discrimination. Why is it so and what do you suggest for the countries both in the East and West? What do we do?

    Three things: women empowerment, women empowerment and women empowerment! Women should feel empowered, they should never feel like a victim.When you feel like a victim, you lose energy, you lose enthusiasm and you lose power. The spi ...
  2. Nowadays, a lot of incidents are happening on women. We say we are the country with the best culture, especially when it comes to respecting women, them why?

    You are correct. We are not following the tradition at all. In the name of secularism, we are not following ethics at all. We have sterilized our education of all moral and ethical values, so our younger generation is becoming so self-c ...
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